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Welcome to our project to help to bring AGI to Billions of people!


One of our projects (turn $95 APU into a 16GB VRAM GPU) has been covered by multiple technology medias in multiple countries !! Click below links to see the details!

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Democratize AI: turn $95 AMD APU into a 16GB VRAM GPU AI workhorse.Demo of AI app. stable diffusion

Domocritize the AGI. Protect privacy and freedom. Make AGI/AI available everywhere.

The goal is to provide hardware and software for orgnizations and people to develop or use AGI everywhere.

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries from healthcare to finance, but access to this technology has been limited by high costs and technical expertise. Example: GPU VRAM limits. Cloud GPU high expenses. Google Colab limit the usage for notebooks running AUtomatic1111's WebUI for stable diffusion.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce this project, which is democratizing AI with low-cost consumer hardware and smart-designed software.

This website includes multiple resources to make AGI accessible to everyone. The goal is that whoever you are, with your current or future hardware of choice, you can find the way to run state of art AI, AGI model locally.

By democratizing AI, we're opening up a world of possibilities for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and students alike. Using our guides and tutorials, you can build your own AI-powered products, develop your own AI models, and explore the potential of this transformative technology. Don't let high costs and technical barriers hold you back from the potential of AI. Join the democratization movement and see what you can create.

AMD GPU: the recent ROCm development has enabled consumer GPU to run AI models.

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Windows: guide. Click here to read more.