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APU Guide

Windows guide for AMD GPU or APU


Currently, (ROCm 5.4.3 and prior versions) are not supported on Windows.

APUs on Windows

On Windows platform, the 'Unified Memory' design is able to allocate system Memory on demand to 'VRAM' for the integrated Radeon™ Graphics.

Allocate dedicated system RAM to the APU

In motherboard BIOS, enable ‘Above 4G encoding’ and auto Re-Size BAR support. There are setting to choose primary graphic, igpu or discrete PCIE gpu. Choose igpu. There is also a mode for 'GAME' or 'FORCE'. 'Force' mode allows you to customize the dedicated iGPU VRAM. There are multiple options to set frame buffer size: AUTO,1,2,4,8,16 GB.

Although it's not as efficient as on Linux, there are ways to take advantage of the the hardwares on Windows.


See video tutorial (opens in a new tab) and playlist (opens in a new tab)